Mini Figure Co. Deluxe Marvel X-Men Rogue

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The Mini Co. figures are a line belonging to Iron Studios that are characterized by having a very large head and a rather small body (not provided). There are many companies that have their own collection (obviously with design qualities and characterization of the brand) of the so-called SD (Super Deformed) figures. In addition to having a very large head, the Mini Co. have very rounded contours, features and features in general. The style of this line focuses on exaggerating the most representative characteristics of the character making his figures more surreal and with a comic and very expressive style. The Mini Co. have a size that ranges between 12 and 18 cm depending on the character in question and the posture of the same. In addition, the Mini Co. have a great quality, effects and price. So you know, if you like cartoons, the Mini Co. combines your favorite characters with a comic and super funny style. Go ahead and collect Mini Co. and keep expanding your collection!

Mini Co. Figure from Rogue / Rogue from X-Men.



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